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My Vision

My VISION is to help other moms graduate from my program, fully equipped and able to cultivate a lifestyle that will support her to become the fittest, happiest, healthiest, most productive mom she can possibly be and to be able to carry that purpose over to her loved ones.

And that makes my MISSION...You! I want to help you reach that dream, achieve your potential.

Certified Primal Health Coach

and recovering sugar-addict

For most of my life, sugar was my master.

It controlled my insatiable hunger, out of control cravings and constant fluctuating energy levels. If I wasn't trying out the newest weight-loss craze, I found myself hiding, lying or manipulating in order to get my sugar fix. 

I felt helpless in this endless cycle!

I dreamed of being at my ideal weight, being happy then, but I only moved further away with each passing year...

Finding and absorbing everything I could on the Primal Blueprint, along with applying techniques and tools I picked up while listening to other coaches, had me experience real success for the first time in my life.

I lost 15kg in 3 months, but more than that, I gained my freedom. Freedom from body issues and food fixation. 

I could no longer keep this to myself. You cannot see others suffer in the same prison you broke free from, without doing everything in your power to help them too!

That's when (and WHY!) I became a

Certified Primal Health Coach.

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