Sure, I get it, you're interested, but perhaps not fully committed yet. And that's okay!  

You want to do your homework - ask some questions, discuss some concerns and just get to know this girl who proclaims she can get you from where you are to where you want to be.


No problem! This call is a free, zero obligation, hassel-free catch up to see if we make a good fit.  

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Kickstart Your Fat-Loss in 3 Simple Steps

My FREE gift to you: Taking the hassle out of purging, planning, and preparing to kickstart your metabolism and progress into high-gear!

3 Weeks to thrive challenge

Heads up!

This is not for the faint of heart! 

This is an intensive 3 Week daily-challenge, deep-dive course into exploring all that Primal Living has to offer you.

This is just some of the outcomes that can typically be expected when you embark on this life-changing journey...

  • Visible fat-loss progress 

  • Significantly diminished sugar cravings

  • No more being controlled by that uncomfortable hangry feeling

  • Increased energy, focus and concentration

  • A better handle on stress and sleep deprivation

  • Childlike playfulness revisited

  • Tanned and toned physique

So if you're ready for a... 

  • self-motivated,

  • free private Facebook community-supported,

  • lifestyle-overhauling journey

...this is for you!

6 week fat loss blueprint course 

A 6 week course that delves deeply into the nutrition, fitness and lifestyle fundamentals that give you the control back over your energy, your cravings, your vitality and your fat-loss progress. 


6 Modules consisting of easily digestible lessons, helpful worksheets and tools equip you not only with the necessary knowledge, but also the practical tactics you need to implement it into daily life. 


  1. Cut the CRAP          (Elimination)

  2. Prep for Progress (Preparation)

  3. Collect Your Calm           (Sleep and Stress Management)

  4. Make a Move                        (Fitness and Movement)

  5. Fine-tune Your Freedom     (IF, Keto, Macros, Calories)

  6. Emerge                                    (The Non-Optional Extras)

12 weeks to transform program


Individualised coaching to help you establish transformational goals, identify obstacles, break through limiting beliefs and barriers in order to empower you to graduate from my care with the necessary knowledge, tools, and habits to navigate your health, fat-loss and overall wellness progress forever without having to go on another weight loss program EVER.


Automatically receive exclusive access to The 6 Week Fat-loss Blueprint Course which will equip you with the necessary knowledge about nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes that forms the foundation for changing your lifestyle for good.


Free lifetime access to the private Facebook group where you will gain access to live bi-weekly group coaching sessions, along with the support, tips and ideas from others going through a similar journey as you.



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