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You've been running your business entirely on your own. You manage all the projects, handle all of your team's questions and comments, and put out the daily fires, all while trying to brainstorm new ways to make your business better and drive even more revenue. Not to mention you have to come up with that next big idea that will push the needle forward and somehow scale your business even more. 

All of it is resting on YOUR shoulders!

Do you ever wish you had another version of yourself in your business? You know, someone who could take ownership of higher-level tasks, talk strategy with you, be that accountability buddy, and be just as in it and excited as you for that big launch next week?


With over 15 years of experience in operations, finance, projects, and teams, I know you did not start a business, just to spend all of your time answering your team's questions, delegating tasks, keeping track of projects, and creating back-end systems to automate as much as possible. 

You started your businesses probably because you have a message or a product that you need and want to share with the world, but deep down you know you don't have enough hands or time in the day to do it alone. 

That's where I come in as your Online Business Manager. 

I know that even the most successful CEOs cannot (and quite frankly don't want to!) have to do it all in their businesses. They need that reliable, knowledgeable higher-level partner by their side that is ready to take on new challenges, failures, learning processes, and ultimately successes with them. 

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